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Social Security Disability Law

A look into Social Security disability benefits

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016

A look into Social Security disability benefits

Not all disability benefits mean same things, some might come in other forms as well. Normal type of Social Security disability benefits are direct deposits of money to the bank account, but they may come with other type of deposit on your account.

This other type of deposit is back pay. In majority of the cases that do last over 5 months that money is paid in one deposit, but that is not always like that. One of those kind of firms is navigate to this web-site. Sometimes it will be made through several installments due to its size which can be thousands of dollars.

Apart from money you will get Medicaid benefits as well. You don’t have to apply for them at all, they are automatically activated once you start getting
disability (1)
You are provided by food stamps that are given to you by SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

All those benefits are included in both SSI and SSDI, but SSDI also provides addition benefits for some family members.

There are several reasons for suspension of your disability benefits. SO, if you start earning a lot of money those benefits will cease due to you being able to support yourself. These benefits are created for people who are having difficulties in maintaining normal life due to their disability.

If you succeed and recover from your disability then benefits you received for it will stop. This is determined through reviews of all benefactors that social-security-increasehappen every few years. Those reviews are done every 3 up to 7 years, but certain laws may trigger reviews every year.

If your condition didn’t improve and therefore you couldn’t work at higher paid position and exceed money earning limit then there is almost a non-existent chance of you case being ceased. If you are interested you can find out more. Only way for such case being ceased is through new laws that eliminated part of law which held your case as disability.

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Social Security disability appeal

Posted by on Jan 23, 2016

Social Security disability appeal

There are many reason for huge number of Social Security disability applications being rejected. And there are several stages of application overview in which you can get your application denied. So, this is article about Social Security disability appeals and all information that follows that topic.

If you are rejected in first half a month or so it means that your application is rejected due to technical reasons. There are several reasons for denial of your application on technical level:

– Your monthly income, after taxes, exceeds SGA or Substantial Gainful Activity level which is set by Social Security Administration (SSA)

– You didn’t earn enough Social Security Credits to pass earning tests and qualify for disability benefits141224-Social-Security-Disability-claim-approved

– If you haven’t provided all necessary medical records or if some of them are missing ( if it comes to one or maybe two documents SSA will contact you and ask you to provide missing medical records

– If you have forgotten to input some key information into the application form or of there are other technical errors in that application.

social-security-disability-appealThen it comes to 5 stage application tests in which around 62 percent of all applications are denied, and just under 50 percent of them go on appeal. If you want to know more browse around this site. At this stage of appeal process includes transfer of the case to another disability examiner as well as different medical team which reviews your case. You can introduce new evidence to already existing one, but do notice that this appeal needs to be sent in writing form and in under 60 days.

Out of those people only around 9.7 percent get their appeal approved. From around 90 percent of denied appeal only 18 percent appeal once again. Second appeal is reviewed by Administrative judge. If you are denied there you can appeal once more. Third appeal is done in front of Appeal council. If your application got once more denied then you can raise final appeal. This final appeal is reviewed in Federal Court. Out of all people whose appeals reach Federal Court around 82 percent of them is approved and only under 20 percent get final rejection.

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